Rainbow Sounds 09/27/2009

This week's playlist:

Poker Face - Erin Elise, a Lady Gaga cover
Dreams - Brandi Carlile
Your Song - Patti LaBelle ft Elton John
Know Your Enemy - Green Day
Boy Soprano - Xiu Xiu (pronounced shoe-shoe, I looked it up)
I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) - Alicia Bridges
I Can Dream About You - Dan Hartman
You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record) - Dead or Alive
Room With A View - Imperial Teen
Fine - Sarah Bettens
I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters
Jumpers - Sleater-Kinney
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell

My co-host this week was Mickie Orbach.

If you'd like your music played or would like to co-host, email me (jtaylorj@emich.edu)!

Thanks for listening.


("Boom Bye Bye" lyrics and sound file.)

Erin Elise

Michigan artist, and E.M.U. student, Erin Elise will be performing SUNDAY at the Biggby Coffee in Livonia. Her 3 hour show starts at 4pm and it's free! You can hear Erin Elise on Rainbow Sounds, which starts at 3p/est on http://eagleradio.org/ ! For more information on Erin, to hear her now, or for more information on the show, go to http://myspace.com/erinelisemusic !

Is there anyone you'd like to hear?

Is there any artist/band you'd like to hear on Rainbow Sounds? Let me know by emailing me @ jtaylorj@emich.edu ! You can also email me if you'd like YOUR music played on Rainbow Sounds or if you'd like to co-host.

Rainbow Sounds airs Sundays @ 3pm/est on Eagle Radio, Eastern Michigan University's student radio station. You can listen to Eagle Radio on Campus TV's channel 10, by going to http://eagleradio.org/ or by going to iTunes, Radio, Schools & Universities, Eagle Radio!

Check here weekly for the playlist! Last week's playlist went up w/in 30 minutes of going off air! There were only 14 songs! Look like this is going to be 50/50 music/talk! Hope you enjoy!


Rainbow Sounds 09/20/2009

Today's playlist on Rainbow Sounds!

I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor
Ring of Fire - Adam Lambert
Love Song - RJ Helton
Let's Turn The Night - Rupaul
Last Tears - Indigo Girls ft Brandi Carlile
Just Some Guy - Anthony Rapp
Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) - Mariah Carey
If I Could Be With You Now - Latter Days Soundtrack
Casey - Darren Hayes
Fire Door - Ani Difranco
We Care A Lot - Faith No More
Tell Me Why - Expose
I Know Him So Well - John Barrowman (from Chess, ft Daniel Boys)
Everybody Bleeds the Same - Ferras

You can hear Rainbow Sounds every Sunday @ 3pm/est on Eagle Radio. Visit EagleRadio.org or visit you iTunes Radio stations, under Universitys and Schools, you'll find Eagle Radio!

Thanks to Jennie Rokakis for co-hosting this week.



Today, I went to the LGBT Resource Center's welcome back BBQueer for Eastern Michigan University. I definitely pimped out my show, though some of the publicity was unsolicited by me. Haha. Just a reminder, I will be posting at LEAST weekly once the show starts on Sunday. I will be posting the playlist and possibly the podcast. I will SEE what I can DO! Met some great people tonight, btw. Y'all were awesome.

Rainbow Sounds airs Sundays, 3-5PM Eastern Standard Time (DST, U.S.A.) on http://eagleradio.org/ ! LIVE STREAM WEBCAST! If you go to listen right now, there may or may not be a show. All shows will begin airing within the next two weeks. A variety of shows. And my own show will be a variety of music! Lots of fun.

If anyone has any topics they'd like to hear discussed, any info they feel is relevant, or wants their music published, please email me @ jtaylorj@emich.edu !


Rainbow Sounds on EAGLE RADIO!

This is the information that will be posted on http://eagleradio.org/ where I will be hosting my radio show, Rainbow Sounds. Information below...

James Taylor, Jr. is a student here at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Electronic Media, minor in Music, focusing on Audio Production. He is a singer/songwriter, and is extremely passionate about all types of music. He can be found on Twitter (james_taylor_jr), Facebook (jtaylorj), and Myspace (jamestaylorjrmusic), as well as @ http://jamestaylorjrmusic.blogspot.com/ , where he will post his playlists weekly!

Rainbow Sounds hosted, by James Taylor, Jr.,will air Sundays 3-5pm EST on http://eagleradio.org/ starting September 20th. It is LGBTQ-inspired, -themed, and -friendly music that encompasses multiple genres and thousands of artists. The show will also cover music news as well as LGBTQ news and issues. Rainbow Sounds is looking for a new cohost every week to help bring topics to the table. If students would like to sign up for a co-host spot or would like their music played, email James via jtaylorj@emich.edu for more information.


Melita FarmFest

Hey, it's been a while since I last wrote. Sorry about that. By the end of the week, I will know what day and time I will be going on-air w/ Rainbow Sounds.

This weekend I attended Melita FarmFest and it was a lot of fun. Check out the band schedule @ http://melitafarmfest.com ! All the bands that played are linked to their myspace pages, except the last minute changes. My sister and I ended up singing several of my songs, and everyone really like it. It's more of a rock scene, but they are just music lovers there. It was great! We were actually invited to perform next year! I'll be getting some musicians together soon. Wanna go for a pop/soul/rock sound, with a little country/gospel/blues/jazz. Haha. It's all interconnected!

Talk to you soon!