Today, I went to the LGBT Resource Center's welcome back BBQueer for Eastern Michigan University. I definitely pimped out my show, though some of the publicity was unsolicited by me. Haha. Just a reminder, I will be posting at LEAST weekly once the show starts on Sunday. I will be posting the playlist and possibly the podcast. I will SEE what I can DO! Met some great people tonight, btw. Y'all were awesome.

Rainbow Sounds airs Sundays, 3-5PM Eastern Standard Time (DST, U.S.A.) on ! LIVE STREAM WEBCAST! If you go to listen right now, there may or may not be a show. All shows will begin airing within the next two weeks. A variety of shows. And my own show will be a variety of music! Lots of fun.

If anyone has any topics they'd like to hear discussed, any info they feel is relevant, or wants their music published, please email me @ !