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When She's Gone AVAILABLE

As of right this moment, "When She's Gone" is available for official preview on Soundcloud.

You can listen for free on Spotify.

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Happy Thanksgiving (U.S.)

As this is my music page, I will keep my thankfulness to my professional thanks... just to keep it simple.

TODAY, I am THOROUGHLY thankful that I was finally able to release "When She's Gone", a song that I THANK THE UNIVERSE for sending through me. It's so beautiful, so haunting, that I am surprised every day that those words and that melody are my own... but truly, they belong to the Universe!

I am thankful for Chris Taylor of (the) fundamentalists for helping me produce that song. I am also thankful to him for allowing me to be a part of this band, being part of this experience as we play, record, and write in a whole new way. He is an amazing bandmate and an amazing friend. I am also thankful to Jess D. Wojcik for joining the band and completing, not only our sound, but our personalities as well. She is awesome in so many ways, and I am so glad that we get to work with her.

I am thankful to my friend Ashley Helper for dragging me to the Legally Blonde audition workshop and then to the audition. I am thankful to the entire cast and crew of Legally Blonde, especially Denny, Tracy and Kayla for putting this show together, and Peggy and the Downriver Actors Guild for producing the show. It was such an amazing experience.

I am thankful for two more chances to audition for shows with DAG coming up. Even though I am torn as to whether I should only do one, both, or neither, it is an exciting prospect and BOTH would be something amazing to add to my entertainment resume, as well as my personal experiences!

I am thankful for Kathe Koja and Diane Cheklich for giving me the opportunity to work with THEM this year on projects for "Under The Poppy". I met Kathe last year at an event where (the) fundamentalists performed, and I've know Diane for years, thanks to "Magic Mentah" (for those of you who don't know... it's a long story, LoL; long story/short: a movie I was in that filmed in 2006, yet to be released). It was a great honor to be asked, and it was a lot of fun working with the two of them, singing and... dancing (*wink*).

I am thankful for ALL the opportunities I have to perform. Many of these are provided by the Performers Awards of Detroit (current president: Jason/Frosty) and the Michigan International Gay Rodeo Association (current president: Scott Korff, and a special thanks to my friend/sister/brother Miss MIGRA: Angel Essence). I also want to say that I am grateful to Weekend Picker's Indoor Flea Market for giving me the chance to perform there and meet some great people, and reconnect with some friends and family who came to watch me perform!

There are so many more people and things I am grateful for, and I've barely touched the surface, but it's just so difficult to write about everyone. THANK YOU for reading on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day. I try to be grateful everyday, and I hope you will, too.

Don't forget, links for "When She's Gone" are on the sidebar. Currently, my new single is available on CDBaby, Myspace Music, and iTunes, with other retailers currently processing.

James Taylor, Jr.

When She's Gone

Wait no longer, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else.

You will soon be able to purchase "When She's Gone" on digital retailers. Links will be posted as they become available. If you see a digital retailer providing "When She's Gone" by James Taylor, Jr. and the link is NOT posted on the sidebar, PLEASE CONTACT ME, either here or at The retailers do NOT let you know when your music has been posted on their server, but I will be keeping on eye on the main retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and the streaming player Spotify.

I am very excited that I am finally releasing this single! And I hope you all will enjoy this VERY heartfelt song.

Curtain Call

This is an emotional post for me. I am writing this as it nears 11pm on Sunday night. "Legally Blonde" w/ the Downriver Actors Guild has had its final show. Some people, I saw for the last time. Some people, I will see again. But THAT SHOW, that cast, that crew, will never be whole again. And, yea... it breaks my heart a little.

I have to say... this all happened as accident... that turned into a curiosity... that turned into an experiment... that turned into one of the most amazing experiences of my life. So... the first thanks goes to my friend Ashley Helper for dragging me to the audition workshop.

The course of working on this show has had its ups and downs, but in the end, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS CAST AND CREW BROUGHT EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TO THE PERFORMANCES. I'm so blessed to be a part of this amazingly talented group of people.

I can't even begin to thank everyone that made me feel welcome and loved, people who let me into their circle, into their lives, and let me, and everyone who was a part of this show (including the audience), experience their talent and passion. There are no words to describe everything I've experienced in this show.

I had so much more I wanted to say, but I'm so emotional that it all escapes me in this moment...
Thank you everyone, and I can't wait to see you ALL again.



Opening night of "Legally Blonde" was a success!

I have to say, the Downriver Actor's Guild, Out of the Box Theatre, the Production team, the Direction team (Director Denny, Music Director Tracy, and Choreography Kayla), the cast, and all crew members for this show have been doing an amazing job, and it showed tonight.

I have not been in a stage production since 2005 (I think), and then there was the movie ("Amsteroid" turned "Magic Mentah") that filmed in 2006 (as yet to be released?), which have been amazing experiences. How could expect any less? I certainly couldn't have expected more... which is what I got!  Maybe I'll write another blog about that soon!

I am so blessed to be a part of this show, and we had a great first audience. Speaking of which, I got a surprise of my own.  Of course, I'm expecting people I know to come see me rock the stage. So, when I get told there's someone waiting for me in the theatre house-left/stage-right, I'm like "Oh, okay, yay, I wonder who it is." I'm walking around, and I peak into the theatre and don't see anyone I recognize. I continue walking toward the lobby (I figured I'd walk around instead of barging through the side curtains) and am stopped by this mysterious visitor.


Who drove all the way from FLINT (where she works) to WYANDOTTE (where Out of the Box Theatre is located)!

What a wonderful surprise!

So, I will continue to write about how grateful I am to everyone involved in this wonderful show...
I have to stop and take a moment to thank my mother for driving all the way down here (and having to drive ALL THE WAY HOME) to come to my opening night.

I'm glad you enjoyed the show, Mom.

Come see the show!  My dad will be there Sunday! When will you be there?!


Pre Hallow's Eve Festivities!

Hello, monsters, goblins, and ghouls; my trans-spirit friends; all the witches, wizards, warlocks, and the like. Halloween fast approaches. And the show(s) must go on!

First, let me tell you about the parties I regular each year. This Friday night at the Adam's Apple, Flame Magazine's BEST KJ in Detroit, Karen O'Brien, is hosting BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR Karaoke (and celebrating bartender Garth's birthday w/ charity organization Beautiful)! Lots of fun to be had! Sunday night is Karen's Annual BOO BASH at Gigi's. This year, it's a TIM BURTON HALLOWEEN! There's Karaoke, Videos, and Music. Best request night in Detroit!

This Saturday, however, I will be performing at the Ripcord (Bar) in Toledo, OH!
It's my "sister" Angel's Birthday Halloween and Carnival SHOW! (It's also her candidate show for Ms. MIGRA!) Come support her AND me, as well as all the other performers! It's gonna be a great show. I know that IIIIIIII have some fabulous numbers lined up for you! It's gonna be SPOOKTACULAR! See you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Obligatory Tuesday post...

Yes! I remembered again!

Well, there isn't much to say folks. I had a great time Saturday at the Weekend Pickers' Indoor Flea Market. Met "Boytoe & Lazareth", and Mr. Boiteux was a delight!

Not this weekend, but next weekend, I'll be in Toledo (Saturday, October 27th) at Ripcord for Angel's BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! So, come enjoy a wild and CRAZY show!

Legally Blonde is coming up soon! November 9th draws closer! SO EXCITED!

Remember to check above for new gigs and for gig information. If you click on the Legally Blonde information, it will lead you to the info page to purchase tickets!

Talk to you next week!

James Taylor, Jr.

What a week!

First, PLEASE come visit me at the Weekend Picker's Indoor Flea Market this Saturday! I'll be there sometime between 1 and 4 pm. Click on the link in the schedule for directions.

Last Saturday was the Fall Bash! I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people, including musicians. There was some craziness and drama, but overall, it was an amazing show.

Legally Blonde is going great! Sunday, we worked on one of the longest numbers in the show. We were all exhausted, but we got a lot done, and the show is really starting to come together. Click the link in the schedule for information on how to get tickets!

Again, this Saturday, Weekend Picker's Indoor Flea Market. Come support a struggling musician!


Oops! I Did It AGAIN!

I am so not on top of this... but I do seem to be writing every TWO weeks. So, maybe that counts for something.

Last Tuesday, I had a wonderful time at the Under The Poppy Brothel singing for the Floozies and the Patrons. I brought passion and despair with "Amarilli, Mia Bella", helped bring the marionettes to life (or did they bring us to life) w/ a "Poppy" original "Is It Real?", and brought the party back to life with another "Poppy" favorite "In The Dark". Many thanks to Kathe Koja for asking me to embark on that journey. Also, thanks to DYE salon in Ferndale and James for helping make sure all of us were taken care of by the wonderful staff there who did our hair and make-up!

Meanwhile, this weekend is the Fall Bash with Affirmations! Saturday, October 6th, VIP begins at 6:30 pm ($50) and general admission starts at 8pm ($30) and runs until 2am! Click on FALL BASH to find out how to purchase tickets!

Meanwhile, I am working very hard at figuring out how to approach the new album. I do need donors to help make it possible! PLEASE visit my IndieGoGo page. We haven't raised a SINGLE DOLLAR yet! It's a flexible budget, and I am perfectly willing to send EVERY donor (no matter how small) a copy of "When She's Gone"! Writing that song is one of my proudest moments and has opened the door for a lot more amazing songs and inspired me to be a better songwriter! So, please donate AND (or...) SHARE!

More to come next week! I swear I'll keep on it this time. LoL!

Guilty as charged...

(This post is full of links. Please feel free to visit every page, listen to the music, friend the band, friend me, whatever. ENJOY this post to it's full extent.) <3 p="p">
I'm a week (and some hours) late... Guilty as charged. I promised a new blog every week and that just didn't happen last week.  Life is busy but that is NO excuse to break a promise.

Before I get too deep, October 6th, for sure, catch myself (as James Taylor, Jr.) AND the band at Affirmations' Fall Bash!

So here I am, this week. DEDICATED to getting a new album recorded. So, here I am BEGGING you to donate and SHARE my IndieGoGo page (CLICK HERE). If you cannot donate, please share, visit iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, come to a show and buy a CD, and again... SHARE SHARE SHARE!

On my Facebook page, I pretty much confirmed "When She's Gone" on the album, a great song I wrote a couple years ago that I have been performing with (the) fundamentalists. Also, working on re-working "Just Stay Home", a song I previewed a while back on SoundCloud, as well as new songs "In Old Kentucky" and "Whiskey (Can't Dry These Tears)" which, much like "When She's Gone" draw on folk and country music sounds.  Also, I'm planning on including old favorites "I Didn't Know" and "Weak Spot" on this album. I had planned on re-working "Where You Once Sat", but I may save that for performances for those of you that recognize and love the song from the first album.

Below is the video from my IndieGoGo campaign. Help me make this dream come true. I funded the first album myself, and I am just UNABLE to put as much money forth for this album. And I need more than I did then. This is a BARGAIN, as I am producing a lot of this myself and my production team is mostly from (the) fundamentalists. It's time to make this happen, and I need YOU to do help me do it!

Thanks so much!
James Taylor, Jr.

It's time to get in gear!

That's right, y'all. It's time for me to get my butt in gear, and record the next album.
But I need help!!!!!

Posted below is my IndieGoGo Campaign, so PLEASE share and help me raise the money necessary to record, complete, distribute, and promote this album! There's a video attached!

James Taylor, Jr.

Male shows and Legal blondes

Hey, everyone!

Here's what I'm gonna try to do.
Update. At least once a week.
I know I've said it before, so let's try to stick with it this time.
Which means, you're allowed to berate me if you don't see a blog post by Tuesday every week!

Sunday night was a FABULOUS celebration for KJ Karen and myself. Karen won FLAME Magazine's Best Karaoke Host in Detroit, and I won for Best Live Singer! What a great honor for both of us!

Right now, rehearsals are underway for a production of Legally Blonde to be performed in November at the Out of the Box Theatre in Wyandotte. Why, pray tell, am I sharing this information? I'm in it!  I have a few different roles and at least two vocal solos, so come out and see this ENTIRE cast, all of whom are sooooooooo amazing!

There'll be plenty of time to talk about all the amazing things I have coming up (you can look above for confirmed performances), but let's talk about something that's coming up here real quickly.

First, let me say, Jacqueline Frost and the Performers Awards of Detroit have been key in getting male entertainers in ONE spot to perform for the people of Detroit. Since last winter, PAD has done 4 Gentleman's Shows, with several more in the making. Shows that I've been grateful to be a part of along with so many of Detroit's greatest male entertainers.

However, this Sunday, it is male entertainers that are making a show for THEMSELVES. A production of BOI BLUE Productions, with Montelle Blue and Izaya Cole, I will be performing at The Birdcage (formerly known as The Rainbow Room) where I believe showtime is btwn 10 and 11. So, I hope to see you there, if you aren't gracing KJ Karen with your presence at Gigi's.

Meanwhile, (the)fundamentalists are working on new stuff, I'm still planning that second album, and I'm having a blast working on Legally Blonde.

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Leave them below!

James Taylor, Jr.




I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote on here. The summer was a busy summer. Spent some time in Dayton, OH, and Saginaw, MI, this year, as well as a few fun shows in the Detroit area!

I want to thank EVERYONE at FLAME Magazine and those who voted for naming me one of the Best of Detroit as Best Live Singer. Congratulations to my co-winner, Michael Champagne... and also...

KJ Karen O'Brien
... for winning BEST KARAOKE HOST!

I don't know a person more greatly deserving of recognition for ALL her work, not just as a KJ, but as an ally in the LGBT Community. She is constantly using karaoke nights to host events that RAISE MONEY and AWARENESS for all sorts of causes (including our very first Music for Martha show back in March)!  So, congratulations, my friend.

Speaking of "Best of Detroit"... this Sunday is a karaoke celebration, with special guest performances, co-hosted by Ms. Jacqueline Frost!  So come out to Gigi's this Sunday at 7pm to celebrate with us!

Other events are coming up quickly, and I'll try to keep up to date on those, as well as new postings.

Lots of love, my friends.
James Taylor, Jr.

2 local performances coming up!

Just wanted to update you! I'm going to be local (Detroit) this month so come out and see me!

This weekend, (the)fundamentalists will be in Dayton, OH, for their Pride event. So, if you're in the area, come visit us. We'll be performing from 3:30-4pm.

After that, you can see me at the Malebox II Comedy Revue at 23365 Hoover Rd, Warren, MI 48089 on Saturday, June 9th. Show usually starts around 11pm, but be there early. It gets crowded!

Then on Wednesday, June 13th, join me at Gigi's (16920 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI) for The Gentleman's Club presented by the Performer's Awards of Detroit! Showtime is 10:30!

Finally, to close out Pride Month, Tri-City Pride (Facebook Event Page) at Ojibway Island Park, Saginaw, MI, on June 23rd! You can see me perform at 2:30, and (the)fundamentalists hit the stage at 3!

Hope to see you this Pride season somewhere along the way!


New covers!

I posted two brand new covers!
Crazy (Patsy Cline / Shirley Bassey)

Already Gone / Halo (Kelly Clarkson / Beyonce)

And if you can see the covers visit my Facebook album "Covers of Covers".

Enjoy and PLEASE share!

June is SOON!

It has been awhile since I posted. I've been very hard at work writing music, and hoping that there will be at least an EP in the future!

You can check out the latest performance information above. I will try to keep upcoming performances updated a little more for both myself and the band.

So, keep an eye out! Also, visit and like my page to get an exclusive Facebook video! The goal is 550 "likes" The number has gone up and back down, but we've still made momentum so keep "liking" and "sharing" with you friends and family!


Upcoming Performances

I am very excited that I have so many performances coming up, and more are coming in, and hopefully more after that. I'm also hoping to have some announcements within the next few weeks, but we will see.

First of all, I am so thankful to MIGRA (Michigan International Gay Radio Association) for thinking to include me in many of their performances. They have SO much talent in their organization and they do so much good. I enjoy performing with and for them whenever I get the opportunity. And THIS Saturday, February 25th, MIGRA is showing THEIR appreciation to RIPCORD in Toledo, OH, for all the shows and work they do with MIGRA! I am excited to do my SECOND Ripcord show with MIGRA, so be there to show YOUR appreciation.

A huge THANKS to KJ (Karaoke Jockey) Karen O'Brien and Neon Nights Karaoke for making their SUNDAY night karaoke at Gigi's in Detroit a Music for Martha KARAOKE BENEFIT on March 4th! Donate to be put next in the rotation, to hear your favorite song, to have a dance break, ANYTHING GOES! So come on out to Gigi's on March 4th, 7pm, and enjoy some great singers, great music, great drinks, and a great time. And PLEASE do not forget to DONATE. Karen will also be donating all of her tips that night to Martha to help pay her medical bills in the fight against cancer and the fight to DO LIFE!!!!!

Meanwhile, Maductive at Reunion Nightclub in Pontiac has booked GRAMMY nominated Chris Cox to DJ! (the)fundamentalists along with myself, Cynthia Begeman, and Krysta Radiance will be along side house queen April Devine at Malickey's Pub in April for an AWESOME CONCERT STYLE Music for Martha benefit!

There's more coming, including Tri City Pride in June, that both MYSELF and (the)fundamentalists have been booked for, so stay tuned! All performances are posted above! I am so excited for the year to come in performances! Let's hope I can get a new album out in the meantime!

Musically yours,
James Taylor, Jr.

Music for Martha KARAOKE (and other news)

First and foremost: Music for Martha has its first show!

Check out the above link for the Facebook Event Page!

In other news, Whitney Houston passed away yesterday afternoon. SO SAD!

You will be missed.

Shows coming up

I am working on updating shows, but they are still in the works.

If you have not heard, my mother was recently diagnosed with cancer. She will be having surgery soon with chemo and radiation to follow after a brief recovery period. THERE ARE SHOWS IN THE WORKS! Those will be posted on the left hand side, listed as MUSIC FOR MARTHA

While waiting for the benefit shows to be planned, visit Scentsy via this link (and specialist Natalie) and all the profits from that page will go to a fund for Martha. Also, Martha has a PayPal account for donations... click here for that page.

So, look for shows featuring James Taylor, Jr., Cynthia Begeman, (the)fundamentalists, Krysta Radiance, (KJ) Karen O'Brien, and more... When dates are set, performers will then start to get booked.

PLEASE if you would like to help, know where we can do a benefit show, or would like to perform when these shows are finalized, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Contact me on Facebook or at !

Thank you,
James Taylor, Jr.


I work hard. But the results of what I do are not always evident.

I write. I pour my heart and soul into the words of my songs. I put forth every effort possible to create an instrumental that compliments the mood and story of my lyrics and melodies.

I sing. Every note, every word is a message from inside of me. Whether it is a song that I wrote or written by my bandmate or a song from the "Top 40" charts, I immerse myself wholly into the words, melody, and music.

The results of this are not always clearly evident, and I often feel the weight of nothingness pulling me down. But when someone expresses to the rest of the world that MY music touched them, spoke to them, it feels, if just for a moment, like it is truly worth all the effort and pain.

So, please don't look at musicians, writers, singers, as lazy. The work we put into our craft (rehearsal, writing, recording sessions, and the pure emotion poured into our work) is pure and real and strenuous. And we often see nothing for our work. Little to no appreciation, and little to money.

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