Oops! I Did It AGAIN!

I am so not on top of this... but I do seem to be writing every TWO weeks. So, maybe that counts for something.

Last Tuesday, I had a wonderful time at the Under The Poppy Brothel singing for the Floozies and the Patrons. I brought passion and despair with "Amarilli, Mia Bella", helped bring the marionettes to life (or did they bring us to life) w/ a "Poppy" original "Is It Real?", and brought the party back to life with another "Poppy" favorite "In The Dark". Many thanks to Kathe Koja for asking me to embark on that journey. Also, thanks to DYE salon in Ferndale and James for helping make sure all of us were taken care of by the wonderful staff there who did our hair and make-up!

Meanwhile, this weekend is the Fall Bash with Affirmations! Saturday, October 6th, VIP begins at 6:30 pm ($50) and general admission starts at 8pm ($30) and runs until 2am! Click on FALL BASH to find out how to purchase tickets!

Meanwhile, I am working very hard at figuring out how to approach the new album. I do need donors to help make it possible! PLEASE visit my IndieGoGo page. We haven't raised a SINGLE DOLLAR yet! It's a flexible budget, and I am perfectly willing to send EVERY donor (no matter how small) a copy of "When She's Gone"! Writing that song is one of my proudest moments and has opened the door for a lot more amazing songs and inspired me to be a better songwriter! So, please donate AND (or...) SHARE!

More to come next week! I swear I'll keep on it this time. LoL!