Coming UP...

Re-recording "When She's Gone", and working on "I Didn't Know" and "You Are Forever" for "Memories..."

Also, gonna record a version of "I Kissed A Girl" to share on YouTube... so keep an eye out...

"When She's Gone"

First, I'd like to let everyone know that I will be keeping UPCOMING PERFORMANCES on the right hand side, right above "Connect w/ ME" where you can find my various social networking sites to stay UP TO THE DATE on what's going on with me and my music.

Also, (the)fundamentalists now have their own BLOG PAGE! So you can stay up to date with your favorite, local, gay, rock, electronica band THERE! And all of "our" links (the band's) are on the right hand side of that page!

Meanwhile, here's a song I wrote that Chris Taylor of (the)fundamentalists and I produced together and have been performing. It's called, "When She's Gone", and will be on the upcoming album, "Memories" which has been over a year and a half in the making. I hope you enjoy.

Don't forget to check out upcoming performances and (the)fundamentalists blog page. All dates and links are on the right hand side!


Confirmed Performances...

September 1st - Stiletto's (11pm)
September 3rd - Silverdome Parking Lot, Big & Rich / Gretchen Wilson pre-show TAILGATE w/ MIGRA, w/ (the) fundamentalists, duet w/ Karen O'Brien (2-5:30pm)
September 8th - Gigi's, G-Spot Revue, Krysta's Birthday Show (10:30pm)
September 9th, King's Island, Pride Night, w/ (the) fundamentalists (event from 6pm-midnight)
September 30th, Stiletto's, Joye's S.I.D.S. benefit

More information as it becomes available...

Quick update !

Alrighty, ladies, gentlemen and etc. (the)fundamentalists are performing Sept 3rd for the Big & Rich / Gretchen Wilson pre show tailgate at the Pontiac Silverdome! Links and more info soon. There'll be a James Taylor, Jr. penned song!

A much needed update:

Hello one and all... or probably just one... does anyone read this anymore? LoL.

Here's a little bit of an update...

I've been singing, playing, and pretty much JOINED (the)fundamentalists! It's been a blast, and we have a few more gigs lined up, including getting ready for Pride season NEXT year! How exciting, right?!

Also, it's time for me to get my $#!+ together! I've been out and about myself, performing at Stiletto's open mics on Thursdays, competing in their Mr. Stiletto's pageant and their vocal competition, as well as trying to make some contact for other performances. Not just that, but I'm ready for "Memories"! I've been promising this album for over a year now and it's time to get some real work done. With my work with (the)fundamentalists, I'm ready to get things done. We've got two albums to work on now, and it's gonna be a lot of hard work, but completely worth it in the end. So keep an eye out for news and performances, b/c I plan on keeping up with this blog a little more regularly. This Saturday we'll be going over music, and adding some of my songs and some of (the)fundamentalists' songs to our lineup for our King's Island PRIDE NIGHT performance in September! This year has really flown by! I can't wait to share more news with all of you... so keep an eye out here and on FACEBOOK!

You can check out Clubs of Exile [(the)fundamentalists] and my album, Unknown, at Common Language Bookstore!

RuPaul - Glamazon (Review)

Since "Supermodel (You Better Work)" in 1992, RuPaul has done just that... worked: from RUworking duets w/ Elton John and Martha Wash ("Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and "It's Raining Men"), writing TWO books ("Lettin' It All Hang Out" and "Workin' It"), her own talk show, film appearances and starring roles ("A Very Brady Sequel", "But I'm a Cheerleader", "Starrbooty"), producing and hosting television shows ("RuPaul's Drag Race" and "RuPaul's Drag U"), and recording a total of 5 studio albums (from "Supermodel of the World" to this year's release "Glamazon") among remix and holiday albums.

In fact, 2009's Champion was perhaps one of RuPaul's greatest albums. From the catchy dance tunes ("Main Event", "Jealous of my Boogie", "Devil Made Me Do It") to the inspiring, uplifting tracks inspired by the girls of season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race, including Ongina, who memorably came out on the show as HIV positive. RuPaul credits the season 1 cast of RPDR with helping inspire the album, as RuPaul and Lucian Pane (RevoLucian) went into the studio for the sole purpose of writing a theme song for the show and nothing else.

This year, after 3 successful seasons of RPDR, a 2nd season of RuPaul's Drag U, and a pretty good RuMix album (Drag Race, featuring my favorite version of "Jealous of my Boogie": "J.O.M.B.2.0. [RevoLucian's Redux]" featuring Tilly Key), RuPaul released "Glamazon" on April 25th of this year.

And... well... it's fun... and... nice...

"The Beginning" starts the album with great energy, amping the listener for a pretty awesome album. However, the rest of the album falls flat, striving for the uplifting yet fun vibe of "Champion" yet never quite reaching that goal. Even "Superstar" tries to achieve the essence of the title track of "Champion", and while quite a catchy tune and fun drum track, the song goes nowhere. The entire album lacks buildup and flare and the true inspiration of RuPaul's prior work. "Champion" was inspire by others and for others, while this album is a weak attempt to do the same.

The final track, "If I Dream" starts out much like a ballad and almost offers hope for redemption, but falls into the same pattern as the rest of the album. While the songs themselves aren't bad, throwing all of them into an album together creates monotony and sounds lazy, dull and flat. It's a CD you can listen to a couple times, put aside for when you just happen to be in a RuPaul mood (which for me is actually quite often).

Champion (A/A-)
Glamazon (B-)
Simply for the fact that it IS RuPaul... (T)Grrl gets 1/3 of a "letter grade" just for that.

Performances and more...

Hello friends, fans, and whoever else reads this thing... LoL

It has been awhile since I've posted and there's a bit of news to report.

Friday, May 27th, I will be competing for the title of Mr. Stiletto's at Stiletto's bar in Inkster. Here is my Facebook event to promote that. Audience participation can become a huge factor in contests like this.

Also, in June and July, I will be performing as part of a group called (the)fundamentalists. You can find their Facebook PAGE and PROFILE on the provided links.

You can check us out June 4th AND 5th at Motor City Pride (Website, Facebook).

Also, there are two new videos available on YouTube, and an exclusive video (under pictures) as well as up to the date news on Facebook.

Thanks for your support!

Rainbow Sounds SERIES FINALE

It is the end of an ERA. I spent a lot of time and work on Rainbow Sounds in the past 2 years. So, thank you to everyone for listening to Rainbow Sounds and visiting the blog for updates, links, playlists, and more. This blog will not cease to exist, and I will post playlists every now and then to let you know what's going on in MY musical life. Also, stay tuned to find out more about the current project I am working on (aka, the second album), performances (including a Relay for Life performance at the end of this month), and videos.


Freedom - George Michael
California - Melissa Etheridge
F'in Perfect (Clean)- Pink
U + Ur Hand (Clean)- Pink
Mas - Ricky Martin
My Devotion - RJ Helton
Bed, Boys and Beyond - Bed, Boys and Beyond Cast Recording
May I Take Your Hand - Bed, Boys and Beyond Cast Recording
Let's Be Alone - Charlotte Church
Say What You Want - Andy Bell
Thank God For Music - Patrick Cowley
Better Get To Livin' - Dolly Parton
Champion - RuPaul
Fire With Fire - Scissor Sisters
I Hope You Dance - Daniel Boys
Gay Bash - Melange Lavonne
Aftermath - Adam Lambert
I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor

Thanks to Martha Swartz for co-hosting. (Facebook, Twitter)

Rainbow Sounds, April 4th, 2011

A reminder that next week is the end of an era. The FINAL Rainbow Sounds will air Monday, April 11, 2011, at 2pm Eastern Standard Time on Eagle Radio.

This week's guest is Joan Stevenson! (Joan on FACEBOOK!)

Here is this week's playlist:
This Way Forever - Joan Stevenson
Angel From Montgomery - Joan Stevenson & After Midnight
Little By Little - Joan Stevenson & After Midnight
Till The World Ends - Britney Spears
Where You At (Dave Aude Remix) - Jennifer Hudson
Take My Hand - Matt Berry
Snuff Box - Matt Berry
Skin Deep - Buddy Guy
Damn Your Eyes - Etta James
So Much Better - Joan Stevenson
?what if? - Joan Stevenson
The One That Got Away - Erin Elise Accomando
Defying Gravity - Joan Stevenson
I'm Not Afraid of Anything - Joan Stevenson
I'm Diggin' You (Like an Old Soul Record) - Me'Shell Ndgeocello
The Doctor and I - John Barrowman
Leviticus: Faggot - Me'Shell Ndgeocello
I Am What I Am - John Barrowman

MoonGlow Entertainment Karaoke Contest!

Kage Alan will be at Common Language Books on Saturday, April 9th, starting at 2pm! (Facebook Event)

Next week, Martha Swartz, my mother, will return to Rainbow Sounds to help me end this era of LGBTQQIAA radio here at Eastern Michigan University!


Rainbow Sounds, March 28, 2011

This week's playlist and links:

Wannabe - Spice Girls
Headlines - Spice Girls
I Want You Back - Melanie Brown
Minimix (Just Dance, Poker Face, Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say, LoveGame) - Lady Gaga
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Til The World Ends (8 BarZ Radio Edit) - Britney Spears
Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
Edge of Seventeen - Lindsay Lohan
Come What May - Ewan McGregor; Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
Elephant Love Medley - Ewan McGregor; Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)
Disco Medley: I Will Survive, Funkytown, Last Dance, The Hustle, On The Radio - Selena
Taylor, The Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth
More - Latter Days Soundtrack
Another Beautiful Day - Latter Days Soundtrack
A Deeper Love - Aretha Franklin
Extravaganza Megamix - RuPaul
Two in a Million - S Club 7
Lately - S Club 7
Whataya Want From Me - Pink
You Fascinate Me So - Liza Minnelli
Love Is Love - Culture Club
It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell
Sexual Revolution - Army of Lovers

Judy Shepard ticket deadline ends THIS WEDNESDAY (March 30th, 2011) at noon. Visit the Jim Toy Community Center for more info. (Matthew Shepard Foundation)

March 30th, 2011, at Gigi's on Warren & Southfield in Detroit, March Madness PAD (Performers' Awards of Detroit) show at 10pm!

Next week: singer Joan Stevenson joins me in the Eagle Radio studio. Tune in April 4, 2011, 2-4 pm / EST!

Rainbow Sounds, March 21, 2011

This week's playlist:

Where You At - Jennifer Hudson
If This Isn't Love (Stonebridge Remix) - Jennifer Hudson
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
Get It Right - GLEE
The Boy Is Mine - GLEE
Loser Like Me - GLEE
One Less Bell to Answer / A House Is Not a Home - Barbra Streisand
Let Me Fall - Idina Menzel
Sand on My Feet - Donna Summer
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Long Shot - Kelly Clarkson
Timeless - Justin Guarini; Kelly Clarkson
Finding My Own Way - Charlotte Church
Casualty of Love - Charlotte Church
Why'd You Lie to Me - Anastacia
Blow - Ke$ha
Everybody Bleeds the Same - Ferras
Scars - Allison Iraheta
Never Ever - All Saints
Look Around - Anthony Rapp
Heart of Stone - Cher
Broken Woman - Alicia Bridges
Better Get to Livin' - Dolly Parton
Treat Her Like A Lady - Celine Dion
Say What You Want - Andy Bell

Rainbow Sounds, March 14, 2011

This week, an extended playlist!

Electrobix (Hungry Wives Remix) - Scissor Sisters
Fire With Fire - Scissor Sisters
You're My Number One - S Club 7
Higher - Taio Cruz; Kylie Minogue
All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue
Freedom - Robbie Williams
I Do What I Do - John Taylor
Heartbreak (Freemason's Remix) - Pat Benatar
We Belong - Pat Benatar
Till The World Ends (8BarZ Radio Edit) - Britney Spears
You Are What You Are (Beautiful) - Christina Aguilera
Just Some Guy - Anthony Rapp
Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger
Lay Me Down - Ashley MacIsaac
In Summer - Anastacia
Good Girl - Alexis Jordan
What's Love Got to Do with It - Tina Turner
Take Your Mama - Scissor Sisters
Make My Body Rock - Ari Gold
I Know Him So Well - John Barrowman; Daniel Boys
When Love Takes Over - David Guetta; Kelly Rowland
Why'd U Go? - (the) fundamentalists
Crazy Chick - Charlotte Church
Call On Me (Hey Champ Remix) - Andy Bell
Written In The Stars - Elton John; LeAnn Rimes
Forever Young - Alphaville
Last Tears - Indigo Girls; Brandi Carlile
Thank God For Music - Patrick Cowley

Thanks for listening to Rainbow Sounds! Remember, Rainbow Sounds airs on on Mondays, 2-4pm /EST!


Since there's been 3 weeks of NO Rainbow Sounds due to weather, "Winter Break", and illness, I've decided to put together a mini-"video-playlist" for you guys. ENJOY!

GLEE: Teenage Dream (originally done by Katy Perry)


FERRAS: Take My Lips




WHITNEY HOUSTON: Million Dollar Bill




VIDEO: D.R.U.G.S.- "Graveyard Dancing"

Since there is no Rainbow Sounds today, due to Eastern Michigan University closing (thus Eagle Radio being closed as well), I decided to share this video.

TOMORROW, the band D.R.U.G.S., from Pontiac, MI, releases their debut album. Check out this song from tomorrow's release.


Happy Rainbow Sounds... I mean Valentine's Day! 02/14/2011

Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Singles' Awareness Day! Either way, hope it's full of love, hope, and peace. If you are not currently dating or in a relationship, don't ever forget to love yourself. In the words of RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the HELL you gon' love somebody else?"

Here is this week's playlist:

8th World Wonder - Kimberley Locke
When You Come Back to Me - Garth Brooks
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Stamp Your Feet - Donna Summer
I Wanna Know What Love Is (Low Sunday Tempo Mix) - Mariah Carey
My Funny Valentine - Chaka Khan
When You Love Someone Like That - Reba McEntire; LeAnn Rimes
Taylor, The Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth
Stupid Girls - P!nk
Love Song - RJ Helton
Natural - S Club 7
The Journey - Josh Strickland, Jill Zadeh (Scott Alan)
Gone - Nelly; Kelly Rowland
What About Us? - John Barrowman
Searchin' For A Euphamism - Bed, Boys & Beyond Cast Recording
If You Were Gay - Avenue Q Cast Recording
Heavy Rotation - Anastacia

This week's topics included:

EMU dismisses counseling student (PrideSource/BTL, SheWired, Eastern Echo)
It Gets Better Project (Facebook, Website)

Thank you, Martha Swartz for being my guest cohost this week. (Facebook, Twitter)

If you would like to cohost or contribute music, please contact me at or any of the networking sites or emails listed on the right side of this page.

This Saturday, February 19th, I will be performing at Stiletto's in Inkster, MI. Showtime 10pm.

Rainbow Sounds, Feb 7, 2011

This week's playlist and links!

Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Seasons of Love - Original Broadway Cast (RENT); Stevie Wonder
Natural - S Club 7
Come What May - Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman
Broken - Seether; Amy Lee
Waterfalls - TLC
Timeless - Justin Guarini; Kelly Clarkson
Red Light - Jonny Lang
Tuesday, 3:00am - Latter Days
Tell Me Does She Love Bass - Lesbians On Ecstacy
Angels Would Fall - Melissa Etheridge
SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
The Man That Got Away - Rufus Wainwright
Beautiful People - The Pet Shop Boys
J.O.M.B. 2.0 - RuPaul; Tilly Key
You Fascinate Me So - Liza Minnelli
Strobelight - Kimberley Locke
Terrified - Katharine McPhee, Jason Reeves
Higher - Taio Cruz; Kylie Minogue
Too Late Now - Ricky Martin


If you'd like to cohost or contribute music, please email me at!

Rainbow Sounds airs (LIVE!) MONDAYS from 2pm - 4pm /EST on Eagle Radio.

Rainbow Sounds PREMIERES Musica+Alma+Sexo 1-31-11

Today's show consisted of ALL Ricky Martin Songs... That's right... Tomorrow Ricky Martin's Musica+Alma+Sexo (Music+Soul+Sex) gets released, and we premiered the album right here on RAINBOW SOUNDS. (Missed out on the announcement? Look to the right hand under contact me, and find your preferred social network!)

Here's the songs we played from the album plus a few past faves!

The Cup of Life (Spanglish Radio Edit) [Ricky Martin (1999)]
Te Vas
Maria (Spanglish Radio Edit) [Ricky Martin (1999)]
Tu Y Yo
Drop It On Me [Life]
Cantame Tu Vida
I Don't Care [Life]
Te Busco Y Te Alcanzo
Jaleo (Spanglish) [Almas del Silencio]
Sera Sera
Livin' La Vida Loca [Ricky Martin (1999)]
No Te Miento
Shake Your Bon-Bon [Ricky Martin (1999)]
Basta Ya
Be Careful [Ricky Martin (1999)]
Frio (Remix Radio Edit)
She's All I Ever Had [Ricky Martin (1999)]
The Best Thing About Me Is You
It's Alright [Life]
Private Emotion [Ricky Martin (1999)]

Listen to Musica+Alma+Sexo HERE!

Jonathon Knight of New Kids on the Block (EW/POPNOGRAPHY, OUTing THe Music Industry)

Would you like to cohost? Contribute music? Email me at !

Rainbow Sounds Jan 24, 2011

This week's playlist and links:

Poison - Nicole Scherzinger
Castle Walls - T.I. featuring Christina Aguilera
Haven't Met You Yet (Jason Nevins Radio Edit) - Michael Buble
United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man
On The Floor (Clean) - Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
Let's Turn The Night (Matt Moss' Vidon Remix) - RuPaul
Living On My Own - Freddie Mercury
Percussion Gun - White Rabbits
Lift Me Up - Christina Aguilera (Hope for Haiti Now)
Let It Be - Jennifer Hudson (Hope for Haiti Now)
Jennifer Hudson's NEW single! ("Where You At")
Woof! - Tori Fixx
Jaleo (Spanglish) - Ricky Martin
Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Gay Bash Melange Lavonne
The World - Queen Latifah
Come So Far (Got So Far To Go) - Hairspray Film Cast
Get Your Freak On Vs. Faith - Missy Elliot vs. George Michael
Rocket Man - Elton John
F'in Perfect (Clean) - P!nk
Say What You Want - Andy Bell

If you'd like to co-host, contribute music, or just have questions or comments, feel free to email me at !


Here is today's PLAYLIST!

Welcome - Christina Aguilera
Welcome to Burlesque - Cher
Welcome to my Head - Chris Barnes & Thunderpuss
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Welcome to Hollywood - Jim Verraros
Logical World - Charlotte Church
Shine - Ricky Martin
May I Take Your Hand? - Bed, Boys and Beyond (Musical Revue)
Forgive Them Father - Lauryn Hill
I Wish You Well - Mariah Carey
A Deeper Love (Pride) - Aretha Franklin
Skin Deep - Buddy Guy
Phantom Song - Ferras
Aftermath - Adam Lambert
Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston
I'm Every Woman (LIVE) - Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston
Love Heals - RENT (Film) Cast
I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor

Rainbow Sounds: Mondays, 2-4pm EST on !

If you'd like to cohost, contribute music, or have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via the blog, the Connect w/ Me links on the right, or!

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