Opening night of "Legally Blonde" was a success!

I have to say, the Downriver Actor's Guild, Out of the Box Theatre, the Production team, the Direction team (Director Denny, Music Director Tracy, and Choreography Kayla), the cast, and all crew members for this show have been doing an amazing job, and it showed tonight.

I have not been in a stage production since 2005 (I think), and then there was the movie ("Amsteroid" turned "Magic Mentah") that filmed in 2006 (as yet to be released?), which have been amazing experiences. How could expect any less? I certainly couldn't have expected more... which is what I got!  Maybe I'll write another blog about that soon!

I am so blessed to be a part of this show, and we had a great first audience. Speaking of which, I got a surprise of my own.  Of course, I'm expecting people I know to come see me rock the stage. So, when I get told there's someone waiting for me in the theatre house-left/stage-right, I'm like "Oh, okay, yay, I wonder who it is." I'm walking around, and I peak into the theatre and don't see anyone I recognize. I continue walking toward the lobby (I figured I'd walk around instead of barging through the side curtains) and am stopped by this mysterious visitor.


Who drove all the way from FLINT (where she works) to WYANDOTTE (where Out of the Box Theatre is located)!

What a wonderful surprise!

So, I will continue to write about how grateful I am to everyone involved in this wonderful show...
I have to stop and take a moment to thank my mother for driving all the way down here (and having to drive ALL THE WAY HOME) to come to my opening night.

I'm glad you enjoyed the show, Mom.

Come see the show!  My dad will be there Sunday! When will you be there?!