I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote on here. The summer was a busy summer. Spent some time in Dayton, OH, and Saginaw, MI, this year, as well as a few fun shows in the Detroit area!

I want to thank EVERYONE at FLAME Magazine and those who voted for naming me one of the Best of Detroit as Best Live Singer. Congratulations to my co-winner, Michael Champagne... and also...

KJ Karen O'Brien
... for winning BEST KARAOKE HOST!

I don't know a person more greatly deserving of recognition for ALL her work, not just as a KJ, but as an ally in the LGBT Community. She is constantly using karaoke nights to host events that RAISE MONEY and AWARENESS for all sorts of causes (including our very first Music for Martha show back in March)!  So, congratulations, my friend.

Speaking of "Best of Detroit"... this Sunday is a karaoke celebration, with special guest performances, co-hosted by Ms. Jacqueline Frost!  So come out to Gigi's this Sunday at 7pm to celebrate with us!

Other events are coming up quickly, and I'll try to keep up to date on those, as well as new postings.

Lots of love, my friends.
James Taylor, Jr.