New music

Noticing I put up the same song twice... interesting... I do not know how that happened, but it did. Well, if you didn't check out the last post, PLEASE DO. I hope you enjoy it because my next album is gonna sound a lot like that song. All acousticy and piano-y and raw vocal-y but better qualit.... y. LoL.

Still thinking about names... I still have to name some of the songs even... doing more writing, figuring out what fits into this album. It's gonna be a LOT of hard work, more work than I've ever done, and it's gonna be a lot of FUN I hope...

So stay tuned for more updates, song previews, snippets, videos, etc.

Also, please remember that I am performing JANUARY 27th, 2010 at Gigi's in Detroit. The show starts at 10:30pm. Be there or... be somewhere else. But hopefully you'll be there.