Not too much going on today with Kelly, Ryan, and Beyonce... YET! Haha. But reading Perez Hilton's OH-SO-FAMOUS gossip blog... here is what I found:

Whitney Houston refuses to wake up for GMA! Her appearance on the show will be pretaped. (Read here)

Torchwood/Doctor Who hottie and West End star John Barrowman has been in talks with Desperate Housewives... Sorry, Perez, but he didn't release ONE song last year, he's released multiple solo albums including TWO pop albums. (Read here)

Ricky Martin is working on his next album with Sony. (Read here)

Pussycat Dolls are breaking up? Says Ashley Roberts? Read Perez's spin... HERE. Robin responds on Twitter! (Read here)

Mariah does Vegas, but don't expect a headline. (Read here)

Rob Thomas has a potty mouth. LoL.

If you haven't heard it yet... here is Madonna's new single, Celebration, to "celebrate" her latest anthological collection. LISTEN HERE.

9 to 5: The Musical is CLOSING. The entire score (music & lyrics) were written by amazing songwriter Dolly Parton who starred in the original film. 9 to 5 was the only song written by Dolly for the film, but when she was approached to write the score for the musical, Dolly reluctantly accepted with amazing results! Like Perez says, "Dolly is truly an angel!"

That's all for now.

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