The following is a song I wrote called Memories. I wrote this as a poem, thinking about how I actually have very few memories of my life. It's like they've all been taken away. Maybe they provide no use for what I'm supposed to be doing, but I still feel as if they've been stolen from me. I want them back. Maybe they'd answer all the questions I have about my life. Eventually, I was sitting at a piano, at the University I attend, practicing either my voice material or functional piano material. I got bored. Ha ha. And I started playing these arpeggios, and chords, and it turned into the song based on the poem. All of the words are the same, only the arrangement of them is different.

I recorded this as a demo track for my sister, Cynthia Begeman (Myspace, Twitter). She is working on a new project and I sent this to her as a sample. I am very proud of this song. At the beginning of the track is a bit of an error, but this recording is strictly for the sake of hearing the melody of the vocal. Hope you enjoy it.