Sho-Town TV

Today, I auditioned for the Sho-Town Television Network. Sho-Town is an online endeavor to create new content, such as shows, music videos, talent showcases, and whatever else they feel like making. They'll even be creating a sitcom in the future.

I auditioned as a singer, but made it clear that I am a multi-talented individual. I was an actor in Magic Mentah, an independent Science Fiction film that is still in production. I am an Electronic Media & Film (aka Telecommunications) student so I do technical work on a daily basis when I am in school. My focus is audio/music production, so I am familiar with some of the equipment they use in their recording studio (yes, they have a recording studio). I also self-produced a CD with my sister last year (which you can find on my music myspace. I mean, if you pass this mofo (or just plain MO) over, well you're missing out. LoL.

So, I went in, and the two gentlement I met and deal with were extremely nice guys. These guys were extremely polite, professional, and definitely enjoyed their media endeavor (is internet television a medium or is it media because of its combined media?).

I sang two songs. Yes, TWO songs. I started with one of my favorites of all time, Heavy On My Heart by Anastacia. A rendition of it, by me, can be seen on my YouTube account. When I finished singing, the producer or director or whatever his title was for this segment said "Damn" or something similar that made me feel good. Haha. I killed it... in a good way. HA!

Then I sang another one of my all time favorites, I Know Where I've Been from the musical Hairspray. A live performance of this is my highest viewed video on YouTube.

Overall, they were very welcoming and held good conversation. They said that video of my audition will probably be up by Wednesday, so I will keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.

Loves, Hugs, and Kisses.


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