Will Beyonce respond?

(C/w will mean cowriter, cowritten, cowrote, etc... for the duration of this article and this blog. Thanks!)

Beyonce is a busy, busy girl. After doing a press tour for Obsessed (2009) AND her double album I Am... Sasha Fierce, she is doing a whirlwind tour across North America, Japan, Europe, and Australia. She's even (allegedly) linked to a new movie, Tipping The Velvet. It's no wonder she hasn't responded to the "Halo"/"Already Gone" controversy surrounding her, Kelly Clarkson, and Ryan Tedder. According to the Times of India, Beyonce couldn't even tell you what city she's in!

Beyonce is also allegedly being called out on some of her "other" lies. Ego, another one of her many singles from I Am... Sasha Fierce, is supposedly written by Chrisette Michelle, originally intended for HER second release, Epiphany. "Radio", "Sweet Dreams", and Deluxe track "Scared of Lonely" are songs c/w by Rico Love with Knowles... or is it WITHOUT Knowles? I can't really say too much about this because every track she ever sings has her as a c/w. My guess is that she has it negotiated in every contract she ever signs that she has to be given credit as a co-producer and c/w on everything. After all, she IS Beyonce! (Read more here...)

So, in light of all this, will Beyonce comment on Ryan Tedder? Will Tedder comment? We can only wait!


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