New album UPDATE!

Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted, but people... it's time to update!

As you know, Rainbow Sounds is no longer a weekly show. If I decide to do any reprises of Rainbow Sounds, I will post it here or email everyone on the Rainbow Sounds FB Group Page. However, I am working on a new project... an acoustic album.

This album will consist entirely of simple piano accompaniments with possible other acoustic instruments if I am able to get other artists involved. However, I HAVE been working on songs for this album. A LOT of new material PLUS some old stuff that you may or may not recognize.

There are FIVE confirmed tracks:
Weak Spot - A song with a similar structure to I Didn't Know, but with a bit of a brighter sound. Brand new song for this album.
I Didn't Know - A brand new song for this album, in fact the inspiration for making this album. You can see me perform it here on my blog (click the link) or listen to the audio from the video on my Myspace.
I Wrote This Song - A song I wrote (coincidence?) when I was 16 years old. It starts out "I can't finish this song that I didn't write," comes around to "the beginning of life" and then the realization that, indeed, "I wrote this song". Also called "The Beginning Of Life".
Memories - I recorded this song a couple months a go as a "demo" and posted it on YouTube. The album version will sound very similar, but with a REAL piano. LoL.
One To Say - A poem I wrote somewhere between 14 and 18 that I later put music to. Haunting, a very celtic feel.

Other songs I am working on for the album:
Possibly Where You Once Sat, a popular little ditty I've performed (and recorded) many a time.
The Only One, a song I recently wrote based on "Fur Elise" (Beethevon).
Haze, a song I wrote to give to my sister and brother-in-law. I later added chords of my own, still haven't given it to them. This is only a possibility.
Abide With Me, a hymn. Yes, that's right, a Christian, Bible-thumping, Hymnal-reading, Hymn. A lot of my songs are about God (if you listen really closely, such as You Are Forever, another possibility for the album).

The working title for the album is Memories named after the SONG of the same name. The Only One also mentions the loss of memories, and that struggle, just a little bit. I am very excited about this album, but it may take a while. I am doing "solo" work at school with voice lessons, as well as singing in Chamber Choir where there are a lot of pieces to learn for a "tour" we will be doing later this semester.

Hope you are as excited as I am! Please let me know! THANKS!

New music

Noticing I put up the same song twice... interesting... I do not know how that happened, but it did. Well, if you didn't check out the last post, PLEASE DO. I hope you enjoy it because my next album is gonna sound a lot like that song. All acousticy and piano-y and raw vocal-y but better qualit.... y. LoL.

Still thinking about names... I still have to name some of the songs even... doing more writing, figuring out what fits into this album. It's gonna be a LOT of hard work, more work than I've ever done, and it's gonna be a lot of FUN I hope...

So stay tuned for more updates, song previews, snippets, videos, etc.

Also, please remember that I am performing JANUARY 27th, 2010 at Gigi's in Detroit. The show starts at 10:30pm. Be there or... be somewhere else. But hopefully you'll be there.