Quick update !

Alrighty, ladies, gentlemen and etc. (the)fundamentalists are performing Sept 3rd for the Big & Rich / Gretchen Wilson pre show tailgate at the Pontiac Silverdome! Links and more info soon. There'll be a James Taylor, Jr. penned song!

A much needed update:

Hello one and all... or probably just one... does anyone read this anymore? LoL.

Here's a little bit of an update...

I've been singing, playing, and pretty much JOINED (the)fundamentalists! It's been a blast, and we have a few more gigs lined up, including getting ready for Pride season NEXT year! How exciting, right?!

Also, it's time for me to get my $#!+ together! I've been out and about myself, performing at Stiletto's open mics on Thursdays, competing in their Mr. Stiletto's pageant and their vocal competition, as well as trying to make some contact for other performances. Not just that, but I'm ready for "Memories"! I've been promising this album for over a year now and it's time to get some real work done. With my work with (the)fundamentalists, I'm ready to get things done. We've got two albums to work on now, and it's gonna be a lot of hard work, but completely worth it in the end. So keep an eye out for news and performances, b/c I plan on keeping up with this blog a little more regularly. This Saturday we'll be going over music, and adding some of my songs and some of (the)fundamentalists' songs to our lineup for our King's Island PRIDE NIGHT performance in September! This year has really flown by! I can't wait to share more news with all of you... so keep an eye out here and on FACEBOOK!

You can check out Clubs of Exile [(the)fundamentalists] and my album, Unknown, at Common Language Bookstore!