Update 08/24/2010!

Yes, it's a REAL creative name, I KNOW! Haha.

Here's the sitch:

"Cruisin' Idol"- I did NOT make the top 4. Therefore, I did NOT perform at the Woodward Dream Cruise this past Saturday.

"UNKNOWN" - still available on digital retailers and in CD format from ME, CDBaby.com AND Common Language Bookstore in Ann Arbor.

I DID perform this past Saturday, but like I previously said, it was not at the Dream Cruise. It was at the /aut/ bar where I had a blast! There is a video up on http://youtube.com/tjamesk right now from that performance!

Also, I am working on an EP. 3-4 tracks. A different version of "I Am Here", a christmas song, and I'm thinking 1 song that I plan on putting on "Memories" and 1 song that will be for the EP only.

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"I have some really bad news. I am so sorry to have to tell you this at the last minute but I am having to cancel the remainder of my shows for both Trillium summer concert series and Girls Night Aut.

It seems that we have lost the use of Sh\aut\ due to it being rented to the Blackbird Theatre. Normally for any of my outside shows Sh\aut\ is my backup in the case of bad weather...

We are currently looking for a new venue to keep the live music series going. When we finally find the new venue I will let you know in case you may want to perform.

Again, I am so sorry!!!! I don't like having to cancel at the last minute on anyone. However, due to the above circumstances and the fact that it is supposed to storm Saturday night I feel i'm left with no choice."

THAT'S RIGHT! The concert THIS SATURDAY is CANCELLED. Sorry guys. I did edit this for the basic information, but please, no questions. Just spread the word that there is NO CONCERT this Saturday at BRAUN COURT. I will keep everyone updated on whether or not there will be an upcoming concert in Michigan.


P.S. PLEASE Continue spreading the word about WXYZ.com and vote for me for the Art Van Woodward Dream Cruisin' Idol!

WXYZ Detroit and Art Van PRESENT...

CRUISIN' IDOL! And guess who made the TOP 10!?


Definitely not...

Maybe, I don't know her...

Okay, enough guessing...


I sent in a video of me singing "So Emotional" by Christina Aguilera and got picked to be in the top 10 for the Cruisin' Idol, Woodward Dream Cruise 2010! It's VERY exciting. So tomorrow (Saturday, August 7th), I will be driving to the Channel 7 studio in Southfield, MI, to record a video for "The Look" by Roxette which will THEN be posted on WXYZ.com. People will then be allowed to vote for their favorites, and the top 4 will perform at the Woodward Dream Cruise on August 21st!

So, MONDAY, start your voting! I will post a link as soon as I can, and you will also be able to find it on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE! So log onto FACEBOOK and click on the link!

You will also be able to see me perform August 14th, and "So Emotional" is a part of my second set. So come out to the Trillium Concert Series hosted by Tracy Mack and Trillium Real Estate to see me perform LIVE in Ann Arbor!

Lots going on... and lots more to come, I hope.
See you soon!