Guilty as charged...

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I'm a week (and some hours) late... Guilty as charged. I promised a new blog every week and that just didn't happen last week.  Life is busy but that is NO excuse to break a promise.

Before I get too deep, October 6th, for sure, catch myself (as James Taylor, Jr.) AND the band at Affirmations' Fall Bash!

So here I am, this week. DEDICATED to getting a new album recorded. So, here I am BEGGING you to donate and SHARE my IndieGoGo page (CLICK HERE). If you cannot donate, please share, visit iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, come to a show and buy a CD, and again... SHARE SHARE SHARE!

On my Facebook page, I pretty much confirmed "When She's Gone" on the album, a great song I wrote a couple years ago that I have been performing with (the) fundamentalists. Also, working on re-working "Just Stay Home", a song I previewed a while back on SoundCloud, as well as new songs "In Old Kentucky" and "Whiskey (Can't Dry These Tears)" which, much like "When She's Gone" draw on folk and country music sounds.  Also, I'm planning on including old favorites "I Didn't Know" and "Weak Spot" on this album. I had planned on re-working "Where You Once Sat", but I may save that for performances for those of you that recognize and love the song from the first album.

Below is the video from my IndieGoGo campaign. Help me make this dream come true. I funded the first album myself, and I am just UNABLE to put as much money forth for this album. And I need more than I did then. This is a BARGAIN, as I am producing a lot of this myself and my production team is mostly from (the) fundamentalists. It's time to make this happen, and I need YOU to do help me do it!

Thanks so much!
James Taylor, Jr.

It's time to get in gear!

That's right, y'all. It's time for me to get my butt in gear, and record the next album.
But I need help!!!!!

Posted below is my IndieGoGo Campaign, so PLEASE share and help me raise the money necessary to record, complete, distribute, and promote this album! There's a video attached!

James Taylor, Jr.