Rainbow Sounds 11-29-2010

THANK YOU for listening to Rainbow Sounds. Here is the playlist from today's THANKS episode!

Thank God For Music - Patrick Cowley
Logical World - Charlotte Church
Thank You For Your Love - Antony and the Johnsons
Never Miss The Water - Chaka Khan ft Me'Shell Ndgeocello
Thankful - Josh Groban
Cotton Candy - Amanda Lepore
Thank You for Being a Friend - Andrew Gold
Poison - Bardot
Thank God for Kids - Kenny Chesney
Parentheses - The Blow
Thankful - Kelly Clarkson
Out, Out Damn Spot - Anthony Rapp
Thank You - Ledisi
He's on My Team (Scotty K Funked Up House Mix) - Ari Gold ft. Kendra Ross
Express - Christina Aguilera (Burlesque)
Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix) - Mariah Carey ft. Joe, Nas

There is no FULL SHOW podcast for this show. For some reason I was unable to receive a sound signal to the recording device. HOWEVER, I will, when I get a chance, post the entire MUSIC playlist as the podcast.

Ninth Circuit Court Panel on Prop 8 Appeal (Advocate article on Ninth Court Panel)
Reggae Artist Protested in Sacremento

Leslie Nielson passes at age 84
Fashion Model Transgender Woman to appear on Oprah

Portia de Rossi wants to BEAT RICKY MARTIN (in book sales)

Palin on daughter's Antigay Rant

Kenya Prime Minister: Arrest Gays!
Ugandan AntiGay Crusade (Previously posted on 11-22-2010)

UN Allows Countries to execute gays (Previously posted on 11-22-2010)
Lesbian Couple Comes Out in Botswana

This week's S/He Said on PrideSource/BTL

Lesbian Guesthouse WELCOMES ALL


Lady Bunny's Review :( SPOILER ALERT!!!

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Rainbow Sounds 11-22-2010

Today's playlist and links: ENJOY!

Black and Gold (Phones Hard As Diamonds Vocal Mix) - Sam Sparro
Beautiful Life - Ace of Base
Rain - Mika
Burning Up [Radio Edit] - Tony de Vit
Do You Wanna Be My Friend - Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Wait Another Day - Uh Huh Her
Give Me All Your Love - Ari Gold
Stand Up For Myself (The 1995 Remix) - Army of Lovers
Control Yourself (Lenny B Radio Edit) - Erin Hamilton
Will You Be There (Seamus Haji Radio Edit) - Andy Bell
Standing In The Way Of Control (Le Tigre Mix) - Gossip
Gave It All Away (toMOOSE Radio Remix) - BoyZone
Living On My Own (Radio Mix) - Freddie Mercury
Male Stripper - Man 2 Man
Holijandro (Barry Harris Mashup) - Madonna vs. Lady GaGa

Kage Alan (BLOG) (FACEBOOK) (The blog post featuring ME!)
OutPost Facebook
Gay Flag Burned at Albion College (Join the discussion on my FB WALL)
Anti-Gay Crusade in Uganda?
U.N. removes "sexual orientation" from international laws preventing arbitrary executions.
Clay Aiken Lobbies for Anti-Bullying Legislation
Jim Carrey Slams Letterman
Mr. Peanut is GAY?!

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Rainbow Sounds 11-15-2010

TOP 40 WEEK on Rainbow Sounds!

Bad Romance (Grum Remix) - Lady Gaga
Whataya Want From Me (Nevins Electrotek Radio Edit) - Adam Lambert
Pyramid (Barry Harris Radio Edit) - Charice
All the Lovers - Kylie Minogue
Freak-a-licious - TitusJones.com
Heartbeat (Rudi Wells Open Heart Mix) - Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger
She Wolf (Extesizer Remix) - Shakira
Teenage Dream (Kaskade Club Mix) - Katy Perry
Breathe - Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul
If This Isn't Love (Stonebridge Remix) - Jennifer Hudson
Imma Stop Loving Drugs - TitusJones.com
Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner
Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Radio Edit) - Beyonce & Shakira
I Want To Know What Love Is (Low Sunday Tempo Mix) - Mariah Carey
Whitney Dance Megamix - Whitney Houston

Brandon Bitner Memorial Page
Brandon Bitner (Resources/Awareness)

Gay Teen jumps to Suspended Teacher's Defense

Two (LGBTQ) Groups favor severing DADT Repeal from Defense Bill

S/He Said on PrideSource.com

You'd Better Work! RuPaul's Drag Race Returns!
RuPaul's Drag Race

Zombie Gay Porn?

From The LGBT Resource Center
GenderTalia: Celebrating and Honoring Gender Identity
November 18th, 2010 6:00pm-7:30pm
Room 310A in the Student Center
Eastern Michigan University
The LGBT Resource Center at Eastern Michigan University would like to invite you to take part of Gender-talia, which is an event in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance and to celebrate gender identity. The program will consist of two parts:
The first part will include:
• A list of people who have lost their lives due to hate crimes because of Transgender identity
• A space to learn about important figures in our society who identify as Transgender
• Gender F***ing - an interactive gender role activity
• Terms and definitions surrounding the Transgender community
The second part of the event is an open mic session, where we are inviting people to come speak, sing, or perform their gender or what gender means to them. (Please note that you do not need to identify as Transgender to be a part of the open mic session.) We recognize that gender is different and unique for each individual, and this is what we will be highlighting in our open mic session.
If you can take part in this event, please respond to this e-mail no later than Monday, November 15th. We request that you provide us with the style of your participation (speaking, singing, etc.). There will be space for people to perform who have not signed up, but we would like to have a few concrete people that we know will be performing.
Jess Mulcahy
Student Program Coordinator
LGBT Resource Center
Diversity and Community Involvement
Eastern Michigan University
Mary Larkin (MLarkin@Emich.edu)
LGBT Resource Center Program Coordinator
Eastern Michigan University
340J Student Center

I will be performing this Wednesday at Gigi's (16920 Warren / Detroit, MI) with the Performer's Awards of Detroit at 10:30PM! Big Fat Thanksgiving Show
Also, I will be performing in An Evening of Korean Folksongs / Artsongs, Thursday night, 7:30PM, in Pease Auditorium (Cross St/College Place) in Ypsilanti, MI.
Also, The Dan Rafferty Band will be at Billy's Tip 'N Inn (6707 Highland Rd. /White Lake, MI) Friday from 9:30pm - 1:30am.

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Random Playlist of the Day

Time for another playlist. Just a random playlist of some of the songs I've been listening to today.

I Do - Anastacia ft. Sonny (from P.O.D.)
Hip Hop Drama - Melange Lavonne
Coming Out of Hiding - RuPaul
EverGreen - Barbara Streisand
One Shot (7th Heaven Radio Edit) - The Saturdays
Devil Made Me Do It - RuPaul
Woof! - Tori Fixx
Not That Kind - Anastacia
Tonight - Cazwell

Also, I've recently joined FourSquare so you can find me when I'm performing, hosting, or just out and about having fun! I'll add that to the top list of sites, once I figure out what the heck I'm doing with it. LoL.


Rainbow Sounds 11-01-2010 TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY!

That's right: tomorrow, it is time to vote! Not for President, but for Governor, Congress, HoR, and other local government positions. Please get out and vote tomorrow. Your vote MAKES a DIFFERENCE.

This week's playlist!

Firework (Liam Keegan Radio Edit) - Katy Perry

Bounce - LMFAO
Get Down On It - Blue
Common Reaction - Uh Huh Her
A Little Bit Of Action - Nadia
Lift Off - Patrick Cowley
Carry Out - Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake
Pandora's Box - Stacey Q
Respect The Situation (2008) - Tori Fixx
Modern Kids - Hotel Persona ft. Brian Molko
Time After Time (J&C Radio Mix) -Cyndi Lauper
Welcome To My Head - Thunderpuss & Chris Barnes

The Best Thing About Me Is You - Ricky Martin ft. Joss Stone

Don't Ask Don't Tell is a discriminatory policy that has forfeited over 13,500 able-bodied men and women from our military while requiring others to hide who they are in order to serve their country. I strongly believe we must allow our military to recruit and retain any qualified, patriotic, and courageous American who wants to serve our country. During my service in the United States Navy Reserve, I served with many brave, patriotic, and dedicated men and women who were always ready to serve their country. I was never concerned about their sexual orientation, just their ability to serve the United States honorably."
- Congressman Gary Peters (D-MI), in a statement about the judicial decision to halt enforcement of the military's DADT policy, http://www.peters.house.gov, October 12.
on S/He Said on PrideSource.com
Republican "Joseph" Cao fights Family Research Council Hate Ad

October has ended but we still need to stay aware of
Visit THE HOTLINE's website below for information and for LOCAL and NATIONAL services.
THE (National Domestic Violence) hotline.ORG
800 - 799 - SAFE
800 - 799 - 7233

Transgender Day of Rememberence
Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival

A couple local events of interest:
Wednesday, 10pm at Gigi's in Detroit (16920 W Warren)
Performer's Awards of Detroit present DIVAS & ROCKSTARZ
Saturday, 2pm at MENJO's (928 W McNichol's) in Detroit.
Jim Ritchie Memorial
For more info call David at (734) 612 - 8777

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Here's information from HRC on Voting
BTL offers a voting guide on all the candidates for your district in Michigan