A vocal prodigy, James Taylor, Jr., has been singing since 2 years old, performing since 4, writing poems since 6, and writing and composing songs since 12. His dramatic tenor voice is passionate and soulful, and his writing evokes emotion.

"GREAT VOICE AND SONGS...AMAZING SINGER!! WOW, I AM BLOWN AWAY BY HIS MUSIC" - Lydia Cornell: actress (“Too Close For Comfort”), writer, and talk-radio host

James has performed as a solo artist, in the pop duo Remington Taylor, and the upcoming Remington Fire, as well as having performed with (the)fundamentalists and DCB. From bars, local events, Pride events, and private shows, he’s performed throughout Michigan and Ohio, from Cadillac to Detroit, Bay City to Grand Rapids, from Toledo down to Dayton..

"James's voice is magic; his dedication to his craft is total; and his professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with.” - Kathe Koja: author (“Under The Poppy”), playwright, and Director of the performance ensemble “Nerve”

James studied for two years under Lindsay Kesselman, who has toured the world with The Philip Glass Ensemble as well as being a resident Soprano at the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble.

“Voice of an angel” - Jacqueline Frost (Ms. Amatuer Menjo’s 2010 and beyond, Miss Horror Dragg 2010-2012, Performers Awards of Detroit Board President)

“The male Anastacia” - KJ Karen O’Brien (Neon Nights Karaoke, Flame Magazines Best of 2012, 2013, 2014: Best Karaoke Host!)

"Love Can Save Us" (EP) is out now!

James is accepting bookings.

Remington Taylor brings a unique blend of classical and contemporary musical styles.

"With vocals that blend together like chocolate syrup and milk, Remington Taylor is the duo to keep an ear out for. Their single 'For Both of Us' is the ear worm ballad we need between Adele songs." - Ed Anderson, Generation Gossip

The lyrical coloratura of Kylee Remington and the dramatic tenor of James Taylor, Jr., come together, creating a fusion of pop music and art song. With the lyrical prose of country music and the edge of rock music, Remington Taylor truly defies and defines genre like no other.

"A perfect combo... WOW!" - Lee Hiller, Author/Poet/Photographer/Artist/Vegan, Lee Hiller Design

"For Both of Us (Live)" is available on all digital retailers!
"Welcome To America" is available on all digital retailers!

For bookings, please email!

Other endorsements:

James Taylor, Jr. 

"James Taylor Jr. is a very professional [and musical] individual, a pleasure to be around, and can more than carry a tune. Very recommended to anyone looking for a solid piano player along with a super melodic vocalist and great live performer - all in one!!” - Luis Hirschlieb: “Project: Union-Street” artisan-community founder, event-host, musician 

"One of the best singers in the business!!" - Destini Beard: singer, guest vocalist for Midnight Syndicate and Infinitus Mortus 

"James Taylor, Jr - a singer/songwriter whose voice and songs will lift you to heaven, or drag you through hell. Regardless of the destination, you'll enjoy the journey." - Chris Taylor: singer/songwriter/musician, (the) fundamentalists, Taylor.muzik 

"James Taylor, Jr., not only has a beautiful voice, he has a beautiful soul that shines through in every song he sings. I especially love his original tunes, but he never fails to impress." - Kris Pride: singer/songwriter/musician, actor (“Selling Stupid”, “Opportunity Abounds” and the upcoming “Bailiwick”)

Remington Taylor

"Unbridled creativity and innovative arrangements. The audience is spellbound from the first note- Remington Taylor never disappoints!" - Chris Taylor: singer/songwriter/musician, (the) fundamentalists, Taylor.muzik 

"What an incredible find if you're looking for music of any genre. Pure professional & absolute creative genius... Ingenious and original." - Rick London, cartoonist, brand designer, London Times, Panel Hollywood Cartoons