Haze by James Taylor, Jr. ©

An original song. Beware (and nice about) anything that seems like an error or pause. I was playing it by memory. I did it in one take! And by one take, I mean that I didn't stop the camera and it took me three tries to finally get through the first chorus... Haha. I hope you enjoy this. Thanks to everyone who has been watching and commenting on all of my pages. I love all of you!


It's been a while...

I know that it's been awhile. I have my BEAUTIFUL digital piano at home now... I am writing new music and EXPLORING old music for the album: "Memories".

I have a performance tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 10th, at 10:30pm at Gigi's bar in Detroit!

I also have a performance for Many Voices... One Song at the First Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, MI. PLEASE check out this WONDERFUL event that is raising money for the Haitian Relief Effort. Here is some more information:

[Many Voices... One Song is] a non-profit organization whose mission is to build community through many diverse types of music-making. We have a yearly concert series, which is free to the public, and involve a variety of special events, which include concerts by our resident chorus, The Chamber Choir (made up of professionals, amateurs, and music students), organ recitals, sing-along movies, guest concerts and recitals given by steel drum bands, Broadway singers, a music workshop for teachers and choir directors, and this year, a Music Marathon. It is taking place on Saturday March 20th from 9am-9pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham. We have a huge variety of musical ensembles represented, ranging from young to old, jazz to classical to world music to broadway, and from all around the Detroit area. Everyone is donating their time so that our proceeds from the day can benefit some important local charity organizations: Forgotten Harvest, and the Detroit and Southeastern Michigan Rotaries. The Rotaries are currently partnering in a campaign to build Shelter Boxes in Haiti for earthquake victims - each shelter box costs $1000 and houses 10 people, so half of our donations will go to this extraordinary cause. The Rotaries are actually coming to the Marathon and setting up a Shelter Box on the grounds of the church! The day is divided into 2 hour segments, which will each include 4 performing ensembles who will perform for 20-25 minutes each. Our theme is "Brotherhood is not so wild a dream" and we are asking for music that centers around peace and global friendship. This promises to be a remarkable day of people coming together, through music, to improve our communities, both locally and globally!

I will be performing at 5:30-5:50. I would love to see a lot of people there, if not for me, for a great event raising money for great organizations!

Keep an eye out for new videos as well as updates on the album and new performances!