Update 08/24/2010!

Yes, it's a REAL creative name, I KNOW! Haha.

Here's the sitch:

"Cruisin' Idol"- I did NOT make the top 4. Therefore, I did NOT perform at the Woodward Dream Cruise this past Saturday.

"UNKNOWN" - still available on digital retailers and in CD format from ME, CDBaby.com AND Common Language Bookstore in Ann Arbor.

I DID perform this past Saturday, but like I previously said, it was not at the Dream Cruise. It was at the /aut/ bar where I had a blast! There is a video up on http://youtube.com/tjamesk right now from that performance!

Also, I am working on an EP. 3-4 tracks. A different version of "I Am Here", a christmas song, and I'm thinking 1 song that I plan on putting on "Memories" and 1 song that will be for the EP only.

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