Ann Arbor Art Fair

There is some awesome music going on at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, especially down at the South University Art Fair. (Yes, each section of Ann Arbor has its "own" Art Fair.) Today, I got to hear some great music at The 107one Sesi Mazda Main Stage on the corner of Willard and Church just off of South U. 107one just happens to be one of 4 stations that broadcast through the company for which I am interning (Ann Arbor Radio).

Today we heard:
Nathan K
Note To Self
THE MACPODZ (who I follow on Twitter and already have their Live @ The Ark CD)
Nervous But Excited (whom the lesbians came out to see!)
and The Ragbirds

All the bands were awesome! And if you live in or near Ann Arbor, HEAD ON OUT! The shows are 3-9PM! Thu, Fri, Sat. Parking and transit is available at Pioneer HS and Briarwood Mall.

Here are the bands coming up!

Bridge Club
Brett Mitchell
Khalid Hanifi
Billie Mack and the Juke Joint Johnnies
George Bedard and the Kingpin

FRI: (International Artists!)
The Mean Reds
Jamie Register and the Glendales
The Sugar People
Matt Hires
Serena Ryder

SAT: (12-5pm instead of 3-9pm)
Black Train
Wayward Roots
Nite Flight
Ypsituckey Colonels

I'll be myspacing and facebooking and twittering (maybe youtubing?) all of these artists w/in the next few days! LOOK OUT! Haha.

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