I have wanted to do this before, I tried to start 1 up, but it just never lasted. I'm lazy. Haha. But this is going to be my music blog.

"Your music blog?" You say... Yes, my music blog.

I am James Taylor, Jr. (That's me... that's really my name. No, I'm not related to THAT James Taylor. LoL.) I'm a (don't laugh) singer/songwriter... I'm also a performer, voice-over artist, a writer, actor, and many other things.

Tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th, I am auditioning for http://sho-towntv.com/. I recently auditioned for American Idol, but did not make it. I, honestly, not to sound conceited, know that my sister and I did not make it not because we lack talent and/or personality. We simply are not what they wanted for Season 9.

If you'd like to hear my music visit:
Live performances of covers and original music:

If you'd simply like to connect with me on a daily basis, I can be found on:

I will be posting hopefully, sometime before Monday.

Loves, Hugs, and Kisses.

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