Eagle Radio @ EMU

Alright, here's to 4-1-1, y'all. I am a student at Eastern Michigan University, and in the Fall I will be hosting my own radio show. You will be able to listen online at http://bit.ly/emuwqbr. It is LIVE streaming, so if there's no show on, there's no sound. The show is not scheduled nor approved yet. Those details will be posted as they happen.

Here is my concept. "Rainbow Sounds" is a two hour weekly show (not daily) that will air music that is LGBTQ-themed, -inspired, and -friendly AS WELL AS information on those songs, news on the artists, and LGBTQ and music news. I would like to feature a co-host each week who is either LGBTQ or a straight ally. Obviously, I don't want to feature someone who is LGBTQ friendly. Haha. This person will help me cue tracks if need be and comment on news topics, artists, and hopefully come to the table with their own topics of discussion. I plan on only playing 40 minutes or LESS of music per hour. There will be about 8 minutes give or take (hopefully take) used discussing each song and its relevance. That leaves 12 minutes of news and discussion. That is a total of 24 minutes of news and discussion for the entire show. I hope to spend at least 4 of that on a topic by the co-host.

I am very excited about this show and have about 20 % of the music I am looking for. I have listened to about 20% of that. That is 10% more of each than yesterday. I am trying to be on the ball here. LoL.

ANY musicians that feel their music fits into this category, either b/c they are advocates or str8 allies, or b/c they are LGBTQ or someone involved in their music-making is LGBTQ identified (or completely "un-identified")... and you would like it, or they would like it, played, please contact me.

I would like to feature independent artists (including the occasional song by ME, LoL) as well as NEW releases by established artists.

SO FAR, I have an ever growing list of singer, musicians, and bands including:

Alicia Bridges; Andy Bell; Andy Bey; Anthony Callea;
Bill Amesbury (now Barbra Amesbury); Brandi Carlile; Bro'Sis;
Catie Curtis; Dangerous Muse; The Ditty Bops;
Elton John; Erasure; Ferras; Franz Ferdinand; Freddie Mercury;
Gary Burton; George Michael; Gloria Gaynor; The Gossip; Grizzly Bear
AND SO MUCH MORE... I have HOURS AND HOURS of music... I hope to set up the first three show with MUSIC before the first show even airs.

So let's get to stepping people. The semester begins the 2nd week of September, and I probably have at least a week before I go on air. And after each show, I will post the ENTIRE playlist RIGHT HERE! How exciting!

Opinions? Artist suggestions? Song suggestions? Want your music played?
All Comments Welcome!