Paula returns to American Idols?

No, not to American Idol, but to American Idols. Paula Abdul will be hosting this year's Divas concert on VH1. Included in the lineup, along with Adele and Miley Cyrus, are American Idol winners Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks. Also included in the lineup is XFactor winner Leona Lewis. (XFactor is a UK program created by Simon Cowell.)

Kelly Clarkson, however, is rumored to be making a deal to be a guest judge on American Idol. I think singers, performers, and people who have experienced such an experience are good for the mood of American Idol. Former contestants have made it clear since Paula's announcement that she will not return. Paula IS the heart of the show and keeps positivity on the panel. Perez Hilton even wants his pal, already announced guest judge, Katy Perry to be a permanent replacement, saying: "I think Katy would be the only one who gets it, really, and have fun with it and give honest feedback, because she's lived it."

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